Friday, November 2, 2012

Collecting Leaves

Lesson adapted from The Mailbox, Exploring Nature with Your Kids

We may not have the beautiful Autumn colors here in South Texas, but we can still collect and study leaves this time of year. We gathered leaves from trees as well as other plants and shrubs to give the collection diversity. We couldn't talk about color but discussed size, shape, softness and counted.

Then Madelyn showed her book to her sister after she woke up from her nap.

Beginning Sounds

Wow! Madelyn has been amazing me lately. I often create items anticipating that she will eventually be ready for them. When I finally introduce something and she nails it, it confirms what little sponges they are.

Here's a sheet from The Mailbox magazine. I cut small foam rectangles and mounted foam letters to it. She does wonderfully handling these types of pieces and placing them on the pictures. I like it more than just another paper with the written letter.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Storing & Organizing Letters

Once again I found a great little item at the Dollar Tree. This was a 10 pack of the cutest little boxes found next to the other 'Tupperware' items. What on earth could you put in this tiny box? A single serving of peanuts I guess. Well, they're perfect for all the letters I buy. Now when I need a particular letter I know exactly where to find it!

Number Order Turkey

Ok, here's what I came up with to lead in to November. I copied the turkey from a Mailbox book onto brown construction paper. It wasn't as thick as I'd like so I glued it to thick card-stock. The clothes pins are from Walmart. I buy the cheapest ones, which is a better deal than the Dollar Tree. However they don't always stay together so my husband, the brilliant man he is, suggested a dab of glue on each side of the metal pin to keep it in place. It's working well so far!

I wanted a pattern to the colors to help Madelyn see the order of the numbers. It makes sense to me... We shall see once I introduce it to her.