Sunday, February 12, 2017

Has it really been that long, five years since I started this blog? My Mookie is about to turn seven this Spring, Doodle is finishing PreK 4 (her first year in public school) and our newest member of the family, Tootie is about to get her first tooth. I'm teaching HS Biology and loving it! We are super busy but I hope to make time to post.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Month-at-a-Glance PK3, AUGUST

So, it's March and I'm blogging about August... It's a bit unconventional, but I want to backtrack and document our journey in PK3. I've been adding a lot to my curriculum as Mookie has matured. She will be four in April and while she is not reading per ce, she definitely knows a few site words and she loves to sit and read-the-pictures to herself or to her little sis, Doodle. 

Each week my lesson plan is set up into sections. I have it typed up in Word so each month prints out on a single page. It's not only easy for me to glance at, but also easy to edit or add titles of our books and movies. We have lots of books so most months we don't need to go to our public library. 

August week 1: no letter of the week until Sept. read ABC books (all month)
   Theme- back to school, (create a nursery rhyme book)
   Storybook Bible- pg 12 (find books on Gods creation or all about me)
   Character trait- orderly 1Cor 14:40 & God and Me devotional pg 200
   Math/ ISN- my body, don't say 3 game, nature walk to see Gods orderly creation, Sequence pictures


August week 2: no letter of the week until Sept. read ABC books (all month)
   Theme- Wild West / cowboys 
   Nursery Rhyme- Humpty Dumpty
   Storybook Bible- pg 18 (find books on Gods creation or all about me)
   Character trait- attentive Ps 85:8a & God and Me devotional pg 112
   Math/ ISN- 
August week 3: no letter of the week until Sept. read ABC books (all month)
   Theme- dinosaurs
   Nursery Rhyme- Wee Willy Winkie
   Storybook Bible- pg 18 cont (find books on Gods creation or all about me)
   Character trait- teachable Hebrew 12:11 & God and Me devotional pg 116,126
   Math/ ISN-  tweezers to pick up Dino bones (q-tips), build a skeleton, fossil imprint into playdoh

August week 4: no letter of the week until Sept. read ABC books (all month)
   Theme- Explorers /History 
   Nursery Rhyme- Jack & Jill
   Storybook Bible- pg 28 
   Character trait- obedient Col 3:20 & God and Me devotional pg 188
   Math/ ISN- Explore Gods world, make a map of your house or yard, hide & hunt for treasure,

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Our First Month-at-a-Glance in PK3 at Home

Well our first month of PK3 at home was loaded with fun! We were so busy that it was just too much for me to plan, implement and blog each week. Also, I keep tweaking my month-at-a glance lesson plan format, but I think I've got it worked out. I want to have a lot of great ideas and resources at my fingertips, but not be tied down to a schedule.

My PK3 curriculum complilation is based on several blogs I follow as well as free resources online. I only bought one book, My ABC Bible VersesMy goal is to spend money on the fun stuff like supplies and fieldtrips. Besides, all this cirruculum writing keeps my teacher brain working and I quite like it. 

A fun thing I just implemed is a Letter of the Week bag. Mookie's Nana gave her a little reusable shopping bag that is just too cute! I created a lable for it and here it is-

I started with the first letter of her name and we collected items all month long and place them in the bag. It hangs on a hook where I post the Bible verse that corrolates with the letter of the week. The first letter begins the first week in September. I am trying to figure out how to post documents but my outdated computer wont save a Word doc as a pdf... if you email me I can send you any item I've created.

The inspiration for this comes from Raising Rock Stars and nursery rhyme ABC's and My ABC Bible Verses

I made Mookie an explore vest from a $2.00 sleaveless tee-shirt for our explore theme. It's a bit big but she love to wear it and put her binoculars and compass in her pockets. We drew a treasure map and hid stuff to go back and find.

Our Bible story time is based on this Children's Bible that we got from Grandma. I just used the table of contents to schedule a Bible story each week. I find crafts or coloring pages for us to use. We will talk about the story all week each time it's relivent in our daily lives.

Our Math/ Science time isn't based on any particular website or book. I use the themes to guide what we do. I try to come up with something that will go into her ISN (Interactive Science Notebook). For example, during dinosaur week we glued Q-tips down to resemble a dino skeleton and made prints (fossils) in play-doh.  

I have so much to share from this past month that I'll just have to post more later!

Also, just so you know- I do not recieve any kickbacks from Amazon or any other links on my blog. Everything I link to is just for your gain, not mine. I may someday create items to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers website, but for now I'll get give it all away. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Starting PK3 with my Mookie

So far this blog has been an outlet for me  and a way to post things for friends and family. Now its time to get more serious about preschool.

If I never truely realized it before, I 'get it' now. Mookie is a super-sponge.  She has surpassed my expectations so much so, that this week we will start PK3 at home. For about a year I have been compiling and organizing curriculum and ideas from so many wonderful site, most of which are free. My goal is to blog once a week about our journey including pictures, website links and lesson outline. I developed a themed calendar where i can jot down additional ideas and books we alread have, but wing a lot so bare with me.