Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Matching Numbers

I love the Dollar Tree!

Here are magnetic numbers (we usually use on a cookie sheet tray) paired with a frog/ lilly pad set. I printed and taped numbers on the frogs, then used a sharpie to write dots on a corresponding lilly pad.

Madelyn can use this several ways. She can count to ten with me very well. Mostly she needs to work on recognition of the written number.

If I were really on top of things I would have an activity that was Fall themed. Maybe next time...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Bat activity-

Working on letters & sounds

Here's a list of things we used in the lesson:
  • Stellaluna, by, Janell Cannon
  • Brown construction paper 
  • Letters B A T
  • Glue
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Pre-cut bats- I let Madelyn cut parts, then help her

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Word Family Manipulative

Even though my little one isn't yet reading, I am already getting ready for it and being creative with ideas I've gathered. I've seen so many cute ideas with toilet paper rolls, both twisting and sliding word family manipulatives. But nothing I saw had simple sentence strips attached to it. So here's my version. One thing I will do differently next time is not use paper clips while waiting for the glue to dry. They rub off too easily onto the white paper.

Button Snake

I love the idea of a quite manipulative, that's super easy, very inexpensive! Here's were I got my inspiration. http://www.secondstorywindow.net/home/toddler/ I can't wait to make more of the great thing from this site.

As I watched my 2 & a half yr old play with it the morning I finally got around to creating it I noticed she referred to the colors as I had taught her- "yellow like the sun". I am now inspired to create themed items to keep in separate zip-loc bags:

Book/ Story themes

The story themed set could also be used as dramatic play on a felt lap board or as we are reading.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall crafts

I had not intended on using this blog to post my crafts & home decor, but I just have to share. I've been SO inspired by Pinterest!

Letter recognition

We've been working onletter recognition, mostly A, B, E & M. It just seemed that these letters were ones that came naturally to her. She watches the Sesame Street DVDs so often I would be shocked if she didn't reiterate what she heard. E for Elmo and C for cookie...

I saw a picture on Pinterest of coins glued to craft sticks & I thought it be fun to do this with letters. I used all Dollar Tree items, and I already had everything I needed: foam alphabet stickers, craft sticks, card stock (index cards work too) and a hot glue gun.

Potty Training Ups and Downs

This month my oldest is officially two and a half. If you had asked me a month ago how potty training was going I would have told you 'GREAT, we are 80% there!' But now we are 100% back in diaper and she doesn't even want to go near the toilet.

What happened? I'm so frustrated... I feel I was off to such a good start. I won't give up. I know she will do it in her own time.

Here's a picture of her bathroom with all the items my research revealed:
1. potty seat- just her size to keep her from falling in and padded to keep her hinny-bo-bo from getting sore when we wait there forever
2. potty books- I buy every book I find on the subject to reinforce the concept
3. small (frog) potty- this can be moved into the other room or taken with us when we leave the house
4. potty chart & stickers- most charts were only numbered to 20 or 30 but I wanted to go all out. Besides it gives her exposure to the 'big' numbers
5. stool- for washing her hands after doing her business